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How remove pimples naturally permanently from Ayurveda?

This home ayurvedic remedy will not allow pimples on the face | 6 home ayurvedic remedy How remove pimples naturally permanently from Ayurveda? It is often seen that when a pimple comes out on the face, then you break it. The acne on the face should never be broken, otherwise, there are spots on the face and the face starts looking very bad. If the pimple is cracked, infection occurs, which is even more fatal. Today we will tell you about some home remedies to get rid of pimples. If you has question is Can Ayurveda cure pimples? Then I will tell you follow these ayurvedic remedy , and if your question is How do you get rid of pimples forever naturally? Even then I will  tell you that you follow these This home ayurvedic remedy. How remove pimples naturally permanently from Ayurveda? pimple breakage  1. By bursting the pimple, it goes into the surrounding tissues of the skin. This increases the chances of spreading many germs at that place. Doing so increases the risk of infection. 2.

5 General Diseases Natural Therapies Home Remedies


5 General Diseases & Natural Therapies - Home Remedies

5 General Diseases Natural Therapies
5 General Diseases Natural Therapies

Friends, here we are going to get information about 5 General Diseases Natural Therapies.
Natural therapies or homemade remedies also relieve us from many types of pain and by doing so, you also feel very good. No disease is generally serious up to this level and we do not need a doctor or physician for it, rather you can get easy and effective treatment from nature therapy. Our wish is that you should also know about natural and safe methods of these diseases. Here we will talk about some common diseases and their home remedies.

What are the 5 common diseases?

A. Back pain.

B. Headache.

C. Nasal congestion.

D. Dermatitis.

E. Migraine.

5 General Diseases Natural Therapies

A.Back pain -

1. There are many types of accu-pressure points in the lower part of our back body, even a light massage done by any family person above the lower part of the waist and hips can give us freedom from pain.

2. To avoid any kind of enjury, special care should be taken in carrying luggage, it is very important for the waist and knees.

3. Cold and hot treatment is also the right way, in this therapy, hot and cold water or ice has to be shaken in the area affected by pain for 20 minutes.

4. Boil one-four vinegar in 1 liter of water, now add 2 teaspoons of rosemary to it, then apply it on this area with a wet cloth or towel for just 5 minutes.

5. Apart from this, it is also important to do it with the right pit. The mattress you sleep on should neither be too hard nor too soft.

6. Sleeping by including your sleeping position and putting pillows under your feet also gives relief in backpain.

7. When you get up from the bed, do not stand at once and move your feet towards you, then come to the sitting position and take the position of standing in the last.

B. Headache  - 

1. In this process, a light massage of gilli bandage or ice is taken while taking it for 15 minutes.

2. Mixing a spoonful of garlic juice, a spoonful of honey and a long one and massaging it on both sides of the head, the pain work and the mind also becomes active.

3. It is also useful to cut two large slices of potato and keep it on both sides of the head for 30 minutes.

4. Peppermint tea also gives instant relief by working the pain. Chamomile tea also relaxes the headache.

5. Relaxation can be found in the dard by massaging lightly even with your fingerprint.

C. Nasal congestion -

1. Boil eucalyptus leaves in a bowl and inhale its steam, doing so gives quick relief and it easily opens the blocked nose.

2. Mix equal quantity of herbs like Bay leaf, Cinnamon and sage etc. Then keep it in hot water for some time, its smell also works to open blocked nose.

3. honey and apple vinegar mixed with two tablespoons in a glass of water and hold it in this position for 3-5 minutes.

4. In a pot of hot water, press your head on the water with a towel and take steam.

D. Dermatitis -

1. Boil 500 mg of oatmeal in liter of water, then cool it and apply it on the infected area.

2. To make alcohol, mix the yeast produced by it with milk, yogurt or any juice, it works like a natural cleaner while working the inflammation of the skin.

3. If ajvayan is made into a liquid with hot water and its paste is made, then it also reduces the burning and itching of the skin.

4.  Applying a few drops of tea tree oil on a sponge and massage it on the skin, then massaging provides relief in the affected area.

E. Migraine -

1. Massaging a few drops of alcohol on a banana peel provides relief. Because it absorbs harmful toxins from our skin.

2. By eating 100 mg almonds in a day, a liquid called andorphin is formed, which works to relieve headache.

3. The tea of the herb also gives instant relief in a severe headache.

4. Drinking a cup of coffee made without sugar also gives relief in headache.

Hope you guys have liked these 5 General Diseases Natural Therapies, if you liked it, then please do follow and comment on my website.



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