What to Expect During a Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation

Patients often don’t know what to expect when they meet with a cosmetic dentist, which is why many dental practices offer a free consultation. During the consultation, the patient sits down with the dentist to discuss his or her treatment goals. With this information, the dentist knows best how to proceed in creating a treatment plan that achieves the goals. What can a patient expect during the consultation?

A Complete Medical History

During this consultation, the dentist will obtain a complete medical and dental history. Depending on what is learned during this discussion, the dental team will be able to eliminate any treatment options that may be detrimental to the patient. For example, a smoker is often not a good candidate for a dental implant, as nicotine use can interfere with the integration of the implant.

A Physical Exam

Once the medical and dental history has been established, the dentist examines the patient’s mouth. This allows him or her to get a better understanding of any dental work that has already been carried out. Furthermore, the exam allows the dentist to identify any potential issues that may arise during dental treatment.

Photos and X-Rays

Images of the mouth will be taken. This may be conventional photos to show the smile before any work is done as well as intraoral photos. X-rays are often needed at this time to give the dentist a better idea of the patient’s current oral health. Impressions may also be taken at this time so study casts and models can be created in the future.

Treatment Goals

Patients are often given the opportunity to look through a smile book to get a better understanding of what can be done regarding their smile. Furthermore, patients are often asked to identify the shape, color, and size of the tooth they desire, and the books are of great help at this time.

Visit back bay boston dentists today to learn more about transforming your smile. With many treatment options available today, finding the right combination to provide the smile you desire has never been easier. Begin the process today, and you won’t regret the time and money you spent when you see the final result.