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What The Bible Says About Money

Talking about money in public is very sensitive. Majority of people like to keep the information about their finances very secretive. However there has been questions on the right financial choice as a Christian. Christians are trying to understand on what the Bible says about the possession. The word of God has many verses that talk about how people should use their money. For instance, in the book of Proverbs chapter 3 verse 9, it states that we should honor God with the first fruit of our produce. The same can still be applied these days read more to learn more.

Christians are told that they should be like the good steward. The meaning of steward is a person that is given the responsibility of taking care of other peoples property. This signifies that people should take care of their possessions as though it belongs to another person. When people are given a responsibility to spend other peoples money they ensure they keep count of every cent they spend. In this case Christians believe that everything they have in this world belongs to the almighty God and so they should spend it wisely. The faithful are promised a reward in the book of Colossians view here to learn more about.

The second thing that the Christians are warned about the loans they take. In Romans 13:8 Christians are told to be careful on the money they owe people. There is need to borrow the amount of money that we can afford to pay. It is not good to borrow more than we can pay, since God will take everything from us if we do so. The bible says that lenders should not expect to paid too. The reason is that people are supposed to give and forget since it is not theirs but Gods. Timothy 6:10 states that that the love of money is the root course of all evil.

Christians are also emphasized on using the money for a good course. Borrowing a loan to handle serious matters is not wrong, such as paying for tuition fees and many more. Saving in order to wait for a new baby to come is also not wrong. Or taking care of widows and orphans in the society. As long as one is not taking the loan to waste or to do unrealistic things it is okay.

There is a lot to say on what the word of God says about the Bible. All that one needs to do is to ensure that they spend their money appropriately. Keeping truck of their money means ensuring they can explain what they did with their money. A true believer has a continuous that speaks to them whenever they spend their money wrongly. Hence as Christians before making any decision regarding our finances, we should check at what the scripture says these information here is relevant.