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Why Should You Have a Pool Inspection Done?

A common question that people ask is what value a swimming pool adds to their property. There are numerous factors that determine the answer to such a question. The neighborhood and length of the swim season are only two of the contributing factors. For some, a pool tops the list of amenities they look for when purchasing a home, but families with younger kids or pets may view it as a liability. However, regardless of what your target market or area, a pool that’s constructed poorly or challenging to maintain will drag down the cost of your premises. In case you are buying, the dream of swimming all summer may turn into a maintenance nightmare if there is no proper inspection.

In case you are planning to add a pool to your property, you should get a licensed real estate inspector to come in for each phase of the build as they will make the difference between the nightmare and the dream. In the event you’re thinking about buying a house with a pool already in place, an inspection is essential to ensure your investment is a wise one or if you have to request funds to fill it in. Following are a few components and measures that the inspector will assess as you build the pool or when there’s one already set up.

Local building codes determine the closeness of this pool to your house. The depth of the pool in relation to the footing of your home comes into play to ensure that the pool will not affect the structural integrity of the house. You will also have to know about how close the gates, electrical wires, fences, screening among others. A main concern for parents of young children is whether or not the swimming pool is accessible if the kids are left unattended unintentionally.
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What type of surfaces/liners work best for your area? Is it being installed well to avoid shrinkage, cracks, discoloration, and pitting? Pitted or flaking surfaces are a very good hiding place for bacteria and algae to grow. Is the drainage according to code and is it enough for the pool’s size? Is your walkway around the pool level in wonderful form? The most commonly reported accident around pools is tripping. It’s crucial that you make sure the area is safe for use.
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What type of pump will work best for you? In case the pool is already installed, are the parts working well? Is a heater necessary for your preferences and is it working correctly?

Are the permanent accessories such as lighting, leaf skimmers, grab bars and diving boards all functioning correctly? If building a pool, these accessories should not only be installed according to the code but also maximize efficiency and safety.