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Steps to Designing a New Logo for an Orthodontist

Every successfully company needs to develop a unique brand so as to differentiate itself from other similar companies. Every brand is anchored around certain things such as the logo and colors used. With successful branding, a customer will immediately remember your company when they see certain images. There are now many orthodontist clinics, and each should strive to be unique in its branding. This article explains how a logo designer can make the best logo for an orthodontist establishment.

One of the small but important things you need to get right is the font. When choosing a font, steer away from formal office fonts. Such fonts may actually chase potential customers away as they feel too impersonal. Choose an attractive and unique font that helps customers to feel welcome and at ease. On the other hand, you should also avoid using the very playful fonts. When informal fonts are used, potential customers may feel like their issues will not be taken seriously. Consult the orthodontist and do some research to find the most appropriate font.

After choosing the right font, ensure you choose the right color. The best place to start is on the company’s own colors. If it is a new company, you should choose a color that will work well across the board. Make use of published research to find out which colors are best for an orthodontist establishment.

Next, you need to choose an appropriate image to go on the logo. As much as using a tooth is very tempting, it is too clich?. The image on the logo is actually meant to communicate a company’s values rather than its purpose. Before you choose an image, spend time looking at other unique logos so as to get some fresh ideas.

At this stage, you have all the components to make a great logo. Just like for any other company, a logo for orthodontic associates should be very clear and easy to understand. Since people do not spend too much time scrutinizing logos, they should communicate as much as possible in the shortest time. Once the image attracts a person to the logo, the words should be legible and informative. Too much information on a logo can actually be confusing, so only put the most vital information.

A logo will most of the time be incorporated in many faucets of the company. Once developed, the logo will appear on the staff uniform, on billboards, as a letterhead, on business cards and on the website. Ensure the logo works both on very small surfaces and on larger ones such as billboards. Avoid having very fine details on the logo that might be lost on small versions of it.