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Did You Know You Can Stop Hair Loss?

You can easily tell if your hair is falling off by the amount of hair on your pillow, your hair comb or the shower. For men they could be seen by the noticeable part being more wider and women’s pony tail shrinking. A ponytail that is getting smaller and the wider part getting noticed that is reason enough to know that your hair is shedding. Men do not seeing their hair shedding because bald spaces are not visible especially when you are in front of a mirror and friends and family do not want to be whistle blowers about your balding stage. There are attempts to even change hairstyles to disguise thinning until they can accept that they could be undergoing hair loss.

There are some good news that balding has a cure. Proven non-invasive and non-surgical options have come up that can be used after establishing if there are reasons behind the hair loss. These are topical solutions, laser therapy or oral prescription medicines. You should consider the medications that are suitable for you.
One such option is the treatment of low level light or heat treatment. Hair loss patterns found in both men and women can be treated using the low level light treatment. The results obtained after using the low level light treatment are positive because cells are stimulated and patients feel energized.

Increase in hair growth was reported in the initial experiment that was used on rats. It is therapeutic to use laser treatment on hair that is experiencing pattern balding. The validation of the low level laser treatment has been brought by testimonials from other who have benefitted in this of treatment.

Bodies like the International Society of Hair Restoration and the American Board of Hair Restoration surgery have greatly contributed to the pioneering of acceptance of low level laser treatment.

Apart from help in regrowing hair this low level light therapy can reduce pains, musculoskeletal, headaches, and neuropathic pains and have very little or no side effects. The reason behind this is because there are biological statistics that show that this low level light therapy has photobiomodulation also present in humans.

Low level laser therapy was approved first in 2007 by the association of Drugs and Food administration. It started from mild to moderate treatment of the hair loss with the laser comb that has been designed to re-grow hair. The laser comb has some challenges in that it is not a complete cure for hair loss and a bad following of its use. Growing hair back can only be achieved if patients comply to how they are supposed to use the laser therapy cap.

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