Lahey Hospital Jumps Down the Rabbit Hole of Nutrition for National Nutrition Month

It is that time again to revisit the daily nutritional diet. It has been something Americans have heard since grade school, and it encompasses “eat your vegetables” and “eat three meals a day” as cultural staples. National Nutrition Month has helped reinforce this idea for all Americans, but what does it really mean in practice? How can good nutrition be met and sustained?

Nutritional Resources

The staff at Lahey Hospital practice teaching all patients about their various nutritional needs. But, it all comes down to finding a trusted resource. Patients cannot possibly continue to pursue a healthier diet if they get lost in the woods of misinformation. For now, the best resource is a nutritional label. It breaks down the contents of what is exactly in the package. It also allows for a nice window into the target areas for a patient, specifically what they need to minimize in their diet.

The Three Areas of the Label

The nutritional label has three main area of note. The first is the servings, which affect all the other numbers. Also consider the servicing count. For example, many candy bars are actually two servings in the numbers. Everything that is on the label is doubled!

Another area of note is the percentages but speak with a staff member to know if the percentage rates based on a 2,000 calorie diet is the right guide. The last area is the breakdown of the ingredients, which has a few nice hidden secrets for many popular food items.

Striving to find more information on nutrition? The above has noted one huge theme in finding information and this is finding a valued resource. Lahey Hospital has many professionals who work tirelessly to offer grounded information about nutrition. The information is tied to the patient so the patient can learn information pertaining to their personal health needs.

Lahey Hospital on Twitter

To start the exploration, view Lahey Hospital on Twitter. The Twitter feed is updated at least weekly with informative resources. It is a connection to a whole reservoir of professional-grade articles, clinical studies, and news updates in nutrition. Patients can find a well of information through the marketing noise.