Individualized Care for Long Term Success

Drug addiction affects people in a multitude of ways.  The impact it has made on one person’s life may be entirely different in the way it has affected you.  Because you are a unique individual, it may not make much sense to subject you to a cookie cutter treatment plan for substance abuse.

Because your future is staked on the type of treatment you do receive, you may want to look beyond a one-size-fits-all facility.  You may have more success with your recovery by undergoing treatment at one of the specialized recovery hospitals, detox facilities, or holistic rehabilitation centers in your city or state.

Delving Into the Deeper Factors Behind Substance Abuse

A facility like a specialized hospital, detox center, or Holistic Rehab for Addiction may have the means to go beyond the surface symptoms you exhibit upon checking in for treatment.  You undoubtedly will exhibit signs like shaking or nervousness when checking in because your body will probably be in the early stages of withdrawal.  These symptoms are normal but not entirely indicative of why you are prone to using drugs in the first place.

You may use illicit substances for more than just satisfying the physical cravings demanded by your body.  You also may get high frequently because you are trying to cover up painful emotional or mental damages that you suffered in life.  Perhaps you were abused as a child or you witnessed a traumatic event unfold before your eyes.  It is easier to get high and temporarily forget that pain than it is to confront it head on.

However, delaying the confrontation only acerbates you need to continue using.  The emotional and mental damage never goes away until you face it and come to terms with it entirely.

This confrontation is part of your journey when you check yourself in for rehab at the facility.  The trained staff have the therapeutic tools to guide you to awareness, acceptance, and healing from emotional and mental hurts that you have long been covering up with substance abuse.  Once you have the emotional regulation tools needed to cope with your own mental and emotional turmoil, you may find that you no longer have the deep psychological need to use drugs again.


Physical Healing from Drug Abuse

Of course, the physiological toll that the drug abuse took on your body cannot be ignored.  Your symptoms like shaking and nervousness will not be disregarded but instead treated fully by the trained medical staff.

You will be assigned a team of doctors and nurses who will dedicate their time to helping your body recuperate and go back to its former healthy state.  You will be examined fully for illnesses like anemia and hepatitis that you might have contracted from ingesting or shooting up drugs.

Once your diagnoses are revealed, you will then be given a medical treatment plan designed just for you.  You may take prescription medications like antibiotics to help you fight infections in your body.  You also may take vitamins to help your body grow stronger.


Spiritual Recovery from Drug Abuse

Another key component of holistically healing from drug abuse involves surrendering your addiction to a higher power.  Whether you believe in God or subscribe to another spiritual belief, you will be given the opportunity to pray, meditate, and seek counseling with trained therapists who are also religious or spiritual advisers to patients.

Even if you do not believe in God or any other higher power, you still may benefit by learning how to meditate and become one with the universe.  This aspect of your healing will be tailored to what you are comfortable with and what you desire from this portion of your individualized program.

Once you are deemed recovered enough to be discharged from the program, you are not left to your own devices when it comes to reentering society.  You may be placed in an outpatient program where you can maintain contact with your doctors, therapists, and counselors.  You also will be expected to attend regular meetings like group therapy to help you maintain your sobriety.

Drug abuse is not a uniform problem that affects everyone the same.  It takes a unique toll on each person’s life who struggles with this problem.  The impact it makes on you may be something different than what a fellow patient might be experiencing.  An individualized treatment program that regards you as a whole person rather than a summary of drug withdrawal symptoms could lead you to the sobriety and success you want.