How a Grassroots Effort Is Building the Cumberland Trail

In a time when the entire world is talking about changing the environment, hundreds of volunteers and several organizations in America’s South are doing something about it. They are in the process of creating a spectacular hiking trail in East Tennessee. The ambitious project is known as the Cumberland Trail and will eventually span 300 miles of glorious country.

The Cumberland Trail Will Become a Hiker’s Paradise

When it is finished the Cumberland Trail will reach from Cumberland Gap National Historical Park to Chickamauga-Chattanooga National Military Park. The estimated completion date for the trail is 2019 but 210 miles were already open to hikers as of September, 2016. Visitors can follow a path that includes the deep gorges and high ridges of the Cumberland Plateau. Thousands of citizens are already donating their time and money to the project, which still depends largely on individual generosity and hard work to continue.

Hikers Enjoy a Breathtaking Experience

Visitors who hike the trail enjoy a spectacular wilderness experience in a scenic area featuring waterfalls and stunning landscapes. Along the way they can stop and enjoy picturesque areas like the Big Soddy Creek Bridge. Hikers share the trail with the area’s wildlife, which includes woodchucks, rabbits, foxes and deer. The path crosses 11 of the Volunteer State’s counties and connects two of the area’s most beautiful national parks.

A Grassroots Effort Is Moving Progress Forward

One of the most remarkable facts surrounding the creation of the Cumberland Trail is that it is a grassroots project. Development is a widespread group effort spearheaded by Cumberland Trails Conference, a non-profit organization. However, the work is being done by a huge number of paid and unpaid workers dedicated to preserving the area’s natural beauty and making it accessible to anyone. In fact, the majority of progress is due to local citizens who have worked for 20 years to construct 210 miles of hiking areas.

A group of organizations and citizens are building an amazing hiking trail in America’s Cumberland Plateau. The path winds though some of America’s most beautiful country and includes stunning views as well as the chance to enjoy the area’s teeming wildlife. Although still incomplete, the 300 mile trail is expected to be finished by 2019, thanks to the generosity of workers and donors.