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Your Chimney Needs a Liner and Here is Why

A chimney is defined as a device which gives passage means for hot gases or smoke from a boiler, gas, furnace or fireplace to the outside environment.

The chimney liner could be made from either clay, ceramic or metal installed in the inner walls of the chimney to direct out the products of combustion while at the same time ensuring that the walls of the chimney are taken care of.

Why you should install a chimney liner
It is important to keep the inside of the chimney lined up as this will prevent the heat from traveling out and getting in contact with other combustibles in the house which could be dangerous.

The flue gasses are dangerous and acidic eroding the mortar and if allowed to penetrate the walls of the chimney are likely to reduce its lifespan.

Giving a perfectly sized flue maximum efficiency of appliances; the chimney not only works to allow the products of burning a through way out of the house, but the products generated by the chimney also provides air to the appliances.

Variety of chimney liners
This category of a lining is most favorable as the insulation has proper finishing on the mortar joints and is therefore capable of withstanding smoke and lasting longer.

This type of liner improves the structure of aging chimneys and acts as a permanent liner which is recommended for all flues.

The stainless steel used in this type of liners is good for wood-burning, oil and gas appliances because of its durability.

Considerations to make before getting a chimney liner

Why does your chimney need a liner; there are three valid reasons why your fireplace may require a coating that is for safety, if your stack does not have a clay tile or if the clay is damaged it may need refining.

It is important to get to know what the chimney professional will have to do when fitting the chimney liner to ensure maximum effectiveness, especially for stainless steel liners.

Consider what type of liner you are installing and why; there are three types of linear one can employ ranging from heavy, light and high performance whose cost also vary depending on their performance.

with the help of a professional you will be able to choose the right size of liner to maintain or enhance the performance of the machines like furnace or fireplace.

Consider the warranty; a majority of the chimney liner warranties require that the installation is done correctly by a qualified professional and inspection did regularly.

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