Enlighten Yourself about the Different Types of Desks for Office and Home Use

Desks are the most important furniture required for workplace and home. From sleek, minimalist designs to office-filling spreads, there are several different types of desks to choose from. In this article, you will get a detailed guide on how to buy a new desk for your personal or official use.


• Writing use
This type of furniture offers minimum amount of storage and can accommodate a large sized desktop. For best use, you can place it along a wall or in the center of a house or office floor. This design is ideal for a laptop rather than a desktop PC for official use.

• Computer use
This furniture provides ample space for both a monitor and computer. It provides storage space for keeping various types of computer accessories such as speakers, modem, printers, etc. This piece of furniture is built with utmost precision to render efficiency and simplicity, along with provision of enormous space for keeping a wide range of hardware devices.

• Executive use
This furniture comes with multiple drawers and surface area that not just offers wide storage space but also imparts a classy and timeless look to your room.

• Credenza type
Such type of furniture combines a table with a cupboard packed credenza. Its trendy look and amazing functionalities makes it the best furniture option for dining or living room.

• Corner types
This furniture has proved to be very useful to solve small space problems with its compact style. It has well-defined configuration that provides more amount of desktop space in a smaller area. The best part of this furniture is its capacity to provide extra leg space.

• Secretary use
This furniture has an attached desktop surface with a bookcase that is kept closed with multiple drawers. This entire furniture is heavy and tall and hence gives a luxurious and decorated touch to your room.

• Floating type
This furniture is mounted onto a wall thereby saving lots of space on the floor. It is suitable for home and office with space constraints. It has shelves and cupboard with vertical frames that makes it incredible and ideal for dormitories and bedrooms.

• L-shaped
L-shaped furniture adds an aspect of a reversible return that is coupled with file pedestals to offer extra storage space to the ideal work surface. Such type of desks can be placed in various spots such as at the corner of the room or one arm of it set against the wall and another arm sticking to the middle area of the room. L-shaped desks are also best for gaming purposes to easily accommodate two monitors in the same table.

• U-shaped
Such type of furniture is derived from the concept of extra space that adds a third work surface to an L-shaped furniture. Its designs look somewhat similar to the style of a credenza and provide numerous options for storage. In this furniture, the space is divided into multiple parts and this gives rise to separate areas of work. People who wish to work with dual monitors or who share a desk with other people should definitely go for U-shaped furniture. It requires huge space so it is not considered to be ideal for small sized rooms. Also one may find some difficulty in moving it from one place to another. Make note U-shaped furniture once designed and installed in a particular room should be hard to install in another room.


So these are the different varieties of desks available in the market. A desk enables storage add-on feature that is beneficial for people who experience change in work on a constant basis or are in need of extra storage. Find more about the best gaming desk in 2016

Experience A Perfect Blend Of Style And Comfort With DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD01/NB Chairs

Chair is an inevitable part of office infrastructure. An elegant and comfortable chair leaves a good impression on the minds of your clients. Not only it makes you feel like a boss but also help you get loads of admiration and appreciation from everyone who visits your office. It is one of the means to represent the rich grandeur, attitude, strength and personality of your office. The classy and royal feeling of DX Racer Formula Series DOH/FD01/NB leather chair adds glory to the crown you cherish so dearly. This is an ideal combination of fancy look and comfortable seat that gives you utmost support specially needed in those extended working hours.


• Adjustable Rim: It has a comfy and friction coated projection hand rim equipment to work for long hours without any discomfort. Its soft pad cover offers you comfy armrests. Moreover, it also offers rim height adjustment option to set the armrest height at a level you feel comfortable with.
• Conventional Tilt Mechanism: The effective tilt mechanism helps you with the ease and liberty to shift it backward and forward direction as required. This assures comfortably sitting experience and productivity.
• Large Angle Adjustment: You can adjust the chair easily at a wide range of angles to suit your convenience. 170 degree tiltable seat is a remarkable feature that is seen only in some equipment, this chair is one of them.
• Nylon Base: The tubular steel frame and a nylon star base offers premium stability. It has lightweight wheels for easy and compact travel.
• Strong Mesh: The backrest provided by them is not rigid but cozy and soft. The strong and high quality durable mesh gives enough support to your back and enables easy flow of air to pass through it. Sitting on it does not leave you with sticky shirt during summer days. The comfortable seat is made up of eco-friendly leather seats that make it comfortable and durable. This eco-friendly material is also easy to clean.


• It has a specially designed adjustable height spring so that you can exercise full freedom in elevating or lowering the seat as per your needs.
• With its efficient titling mechanism you can adjust the seat according to your comfortable seating position.
• The seat as well as the backrest is made up of soft, durable and cushioned leather material.
• Double wheels are provided to save your other office accessories such as carpets and floor from scratches. Plus double wheel option add stability to the chair.
• The mesh offers efficient air ventilation that makes it useful in summer season


• Though the quality is guaranteed to be of high class, but the brackets are often found to be less durable. This causes crack below the metal frame of the seat.
• The amount of time consumed in assembling it can as high as twenty minutes. This expense of time can lead you to frustration some times.

Final Verdict

If you desire for an office infrastructure that not only looks professional but also proves to be supportive and comfortable for your entire body then this is the one you should go for. DXRacer is a reputed brand known to offer finest quality products built on world class and innovative technology to offer state of the class comfort and powerful design. The compact look and size is designed keeping in the mind the structural layouts of most of the office spaces. All this makes it the best infrastructure you should invest your money on.